SONGS - WATERING [Bennett Dobni & Sarah Feldman]

See full size 'Songs' - Watering [cover by Bennett Dobni]

Duration: 31'26" [as 6 pieces]
January 2015 as an audio cassette & digital download

Bennett Dobni & Sarah Feldman are the composers of the music of Watering. Their debut release Songs was produced in full from 2013 to 2015 by the duo with contributions from Jeremy Dabrowski who performed bass guitar on the piece "Tall Basser". The Watering live ensemble includes Nathan Mousseau and Jeremy Dabrowski.

50 audio-cassettes were self-released in January of 2015. Digital files are available via

Album cover by Bennett Dobni



Imaginary Beings - Bennett Dobni

3 pieces based on beings described in Jorge Luis Borges's The Book of Imaginary Beings.

01. An Experimental Account of What Was Known, Seen, and Met by Mrs. Jane Lead in London in 1694; for Piano, Upright Bass, Bassoon, Drum Set, and Modular Synthesizer, for 4 instrumentalists [Duration: 5' 06"]

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02. Haniel, Kafziel, Azriel, and Aniel; for Vibraphone, Upright Bass, Clarinet, Drum Set, and Voice, for 5 instrumentalists [Duration: 3' 59"]

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03. Thermal Beings; Music for Viola, Cello, and Modular Synthesizer, for 3 instrumentalists [Duration: 1' 23"]

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Bedächtig - Bennett Dobni

For Magnetic Audio Tape as windchimes, Baoding ball, Tibetan singning bowls, kalimba, modular syntheseiser, bamboo pitched-percussion, and plate reverberation
Format: Quadraphonic, Non-front centric.
Duration: 3'23"

Bedächtig [German: Unhurried, deliberate] for four loudspeakers has been constructed from subjectively organic audio collections and magnetic audiotape processes. A homemade plate reverberation apparatus set into motion by a modular synthesizer is the dominant sound source of the leading voices. Calculated tape-playback speed changes provided frequency variations on recordings of wooden and metallophonic percussion instruments. Sonic transformation of this content was achieved exclusively though detailed editing, filtering, and playback rate manipulation; 162 audio layers marked the fruition of Bedächtig.



Container Ad(a/o)ption - Bennett Dobni

Duration: 3' 16"
For two loudspeakers [stereo]
This was conceived of as an étude in auditory stream segregation and heterophony.
Composed in December of 2013